Invermay Precincts and Development Projects

There are a number of recent or imminent developments that will increase traffic in and out of the Invermay area, placing increased pressure on the State and local road network.    

Invermay Master Traffic Plan - Master Map 20189 - City of Launceston.png

Inveresk Precinct:

  • Relocation of the University of Tasmania to Inveresk


Riverbend (formerly North Bank)/Lindsay Street Precinct:

  • New Riverbend Park (now opened) and North Esk River pedestrian bridge (complete)
  • Improvements to the Riverbend rowing precinct (in progress)
  • Silo Hotel (complete)
  • Boral concrete batch plant relocation (complete)
  • Relocation of National Automobile Museum of Tasmania to Lindsay Street (complete)
  • Proposed subdivision and development of 65-85 Gleadow Street, Invermay. Proposed use includes car sales, light industrial/commercial and minor car-parking. (in progress)


Masterplan Objectives:

A draft masterplan was developed to detail a series of major traffic initiatives aimed at mitigating the impact of these developments, while continuing to improve the amenity and liveability of the Invermay area.

The masterplan had the following objectives:

  1. Avoid congestion (objective 1) - Maximise the use of major roads throughout Invermay for vehicle and freight movements to avoid congestion on local streets (eg Goderich and Forster Streets).
  2. Improve performance (objective 2) - To improve the performance of the East Tamar Highway/Goderich Street corridor as a major north-south gateway into the City.
  3. Minimise impact (objective 3) - To minimise traffic impact on the local Invermay Road network.
  4. Pedestrian/cycling connections (objective 4) - To maximise opportunities for pedestrian and cycling connections to Inveresk, Riverbend/Lindsay Street precinct and to the central City.
  5. Improved circulation (objective 5) - To provide a ‘loop road’ for the Riverbend/Lindsay Street Precinct via the ‘New Link Road’ between Lindsay Street and Gleadow Street to improve circulation of commercial vehicles, buses and visitors to the precinct.


Mowbray Connector Roundabout
  • Timeline: September 1, 2019 to March 31, 2020
  • Delivered by: Department of State Growth
  • Funding: State Government


The roundabout will make turning much safer and easier for road users travelling in and out of Mowbray Link, and has been designed to allow traffic travelling north past the intersection on the East Tamar Highway towards George Town to do so directly, without even entering the roundabout.

Road users will use the roundabout when:

  • turning into Mowbray Link from the East Tamar Highway (both directions)
  • out of Mowbray Link on to the East Tamar Highway (both directions)
  • traveling towards Launceston on the East Tamar Highway


Once complete, a consistent 80kmh speed limit will be applied on the East Tamar Highway between Forster Street and Mowbray Connector (northbound) and between University Way and Forster Street (southbound).

Goderich/Foster Street intersection
  • Update: Add right-turn lane
  • Timeline: February to March 2020
  • Delivered by: Department of State Growth
  • Funded: State Government


goderich double turn .JPG
Forster Street
  • Update: Add eastbound lane
  • Timeline: January to February 2020
  • Delivered by: Department of State Growth
  • Funded by: State Government


To improve the traffic flows into and along Forster Street due to the proposed relocation of the University and other developments in the Inveresk area.

Goderich/Foster Street Intersection:

  • Provide two right-turn lanes from Goderich Street into Forster Street
  • Remove existing traffic island in Forster Street at Goderich Street traffic lights
  • Remove three trees to allow for extra right-turn lane in Goderich Street


Forster Street:

  • Introduce two east-bound and one west-bound traffic lanes in Forster Street
  • Reduce the width of the kerb outstands, northern side only
  • Provide two lanes merging to one lane in Forster Street, east across Invermay Road.
  • Maintain bicycle lanes in both directions
  • Future bicycle lane links for Holbrook Street including Gleadow Street and Dry Street
  • Reseal road edge to suit new kerb and channels
  • Change 40 x 90-degree parking to parallel kerb side parking, northern side only to 23 parallel kerb-side parking bays
  • Retain existing non-conforming 90-degree parking bays, southern side
  • Realign kerb and channel and footpath north-east side of Invermay Road intersection, including relocating traffic light and Aurora poles behind new kerb and channel
  • Land acquisition from Beaurepairs corner at Forster Street and Invermay Road intersection
  • Retain all existing traffic signs
  • Retain all existing street trees in Forster Street, trim lower branches if necessary
Goderich/Gleadow Street intersection
  • Update: Add traffic signals
  • Timeline: March to April 2020
  • Delivered by: Department of State Growth
  • Funded: State Government


Upgrade traffic management by providing new traffic lights at the intersection of Goderich Street and Gleadow Street. This will relieve traffic congestion at Goderich/Lindsay Street intersection (near Bunnings) by providing an alternate access into and out of the precinct.

  • Provide two right-turn lanes from Gleadow Street into Goderich Street (and single slip lane turning left onto Goderich Street northbound and left-turn slip lane from Goderich Street into Gleadow Street westbound).
  • Relocate road line marking and traffic islands to suit new intersection layout
  • Remove existing traffic island and replace with road pavement
  • Install pedestrian crossings at new traffic lights
  • Maintain bicycle pathway on the western side of Goderich Street
  • Reseal footpaths to suit new kerbs and channels
  • Reinstate nature strips
  • Install new traffic signals
  • Retain all existing street trees


Lindsay to Gleadow Street Link Road
  • Update: Lindsay to Gleadow Street Link Road
  • Timeline: November 2019 to March 2020
  • Delivered by: Private developer
  • Funded: City of Launceston and State Government


Construct a new road with kerb and channelling, footpaths and nature strip with improved pedestrian and road safety. Construct new drainage network as required. Relieve traffic congestion at Goderich/Lindsay Street intersection (near Bunnings).

  • Widen the existing road from Bunnings to Gleadow Street
  • Construct new road with 18m wide road reserve to connect Lindsay Street and Gleadow Street
  • Construct new footpaths and nature strip
  • Improve pedestrian access by installing access ramps
  • Improve road safety by providing on-street parking bays, bike land and line markings
  • Upgrade and install new stormwater drainage system
  • Seal new road, footpaths and driveways with asphalt
  • Retain the existing Bunnings, Officeworks and JB Hifi rear access off Lindsay Street and also provide new entries from New Road
  • Provide industrial driveway crossings at the entries to Bunnings


link road .JPG
Invermay/Lindsay Street intersection
This project has been deferred at this stage
  • Update: Add traffic signals (remove roundabout)
  • Timeline: January to March 2020
  • Delivered by: City of Launceston
  • Funded: City of Launceston


Upgrade Invermay Road, Lindsay Street and Barnard's Way intersection to traffic lights due to proposed relocation of University of Tasmania and other developments in the Inveresk area and improve pedestrian safety and allow for increased traffic and better network coordination.

  • Construct new kerb and channels to accommodate new traffic light layout
  • Remove the remaining traffic islands and including roundabout and construct new traffic islands
  • Improve pedestrian safety and management of traffic by the installation of new traffic lights
  • Relocate the Telstra pit outside the Marshall Batteries
  • Remove the existing line markings and install new line markings
  • Relocate the light pole near the southern driveway of Marshall Batteries
  • Reinstate driveways, footpaths and nature strip areas
  • Install new road signs and remove redundant signs
invermay traffic .JPG