Annual Plan and Budget

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Annual Plan and Budget 2021/22

The 2021/22 Annual Plan and Budget was prepared with the expectation that Council will play a significant role in addressing challenges across the municipal area, and looking to take advantage of any opportunities that present themselves.

As a Local Government Authority, it is paramount that Council consider and balance the competing needs of maintaining facilities and services, supporting important economic development as well as social inclusion programs. Indeed it is the role of the Council.

The organisation prepared the 2021/22 budget cognisant of these challenges and opportunities and the need for continuous improvement in the way services are provided to the Launceston community.

As the largest Local Government in Tasmania, the City of Launceston is a diverse organisation. It operates a world-class sporting stadium, a museum and art gallery and a world-class aquatic centre. The Council also owns and manages more than 260 parks, reserves and conservation areas, and maintains more than 740 kilometres of road and 88 bridges.

The Council has forecast a number of future challenges over the next 12 months, including an increase in waste fees and kerbside collection costs due to significant cost increases associated with changes in the way the recycling market now operates. The market is driving a focus on reducing contamination levels in kerbside recycling and a need for the Council to look locally for a market for recyclable material.

Over the next 12 months, the Council will have a strong focus on reviewing the Greater Launceston Plan, developing a Regional Recreation Strategy framework, implementing CBD Wayfinding, the redevelopment of St John Street and future planning for City Heart Stage 2, as well as the implementation of the River Health Action Plan, developing a St Leonards Residential Masterplan and rolling out - in conjunction with the Department of State Growth - the Traffic Signal Project and the Launceston Transport Strategy.