AMC vital to Launceston: Mayor

Published on 29 March 2017


Launceston Mayor Albert van Zetten says he is greatly concerned by reports that a new Maritime Technical College will be created by the Federal Government in South Australia.

"The Australian Maritime College is internationally renowned for its excellence in maritime training and maritime research," Mayor van Zetten said.

"The AMC has established an enviable reputation internationally, one which we believe is a competitive advantage for our city, our region and our state.

"Any suggestion that a similar institution will be established in South Australia, which would effectively compete for this custom internationally, is concerning.

"This would not appear to be in the national interest, given that the AMC has a long-established and enviable reputation in maritime services education, research and training.

"Accordingly, we have raised with the State Government our serious apprehensions at this development and the Premier has undertaken to  make strong representations to the Federal Government to ensure that Tasmania's interests and that of the AMC remain paramount.

"We are also eager to discuss the matter with our federal representatives, as we see the AMC as vital to Launceston.

"It is simply inconceivable that the Federal Government would on the one hand invest substantially in the $260m University of Tasmania inner city campus and the Launceston City Deal agreement between the Federal Government, State Government and the City of Launceston — all of which have enormous potential to drive a revitalisation of the region economically and socially — and yet on the other hand undertake any action which may jeopardise the future prospects of an institution as revered as the AMC in Launceston.

"Rest assured the Council will be actively working with the State Government to ensure the interests of Northern Tasmania and the City of Launceston are represented."