Council's parking app ticking boxes for motorists

Published on 17 January 2019

Easy Park - Launceston.png

A week since its launch, the City of Launceston's smartphone parking app is being well received by the community.

After a full seven days of operation, 1774 transactions have been registered through the app.

City of Launceston Acting Mayor Danny Gibson said the take-up figures showed the app was being welcomed by Launceston motorists.

"More than 1000 individuals have used the app in just a week, registering on average almost 1.8 transactions per user," Councillor Gibson said.

"This shows us that there was a definite desire within the Launceston community for this excellent and user-friendly application."

The average stay per use of the app was one hour, 16 minutes, with the average transaction cost of $1.40.

"The great benefit I see to drivers and shoppers in general is the functionality of the app - people know exactly how long they have, they can top up their parking time if applicable and they only ever pay for the the time they use," Councillor Gibson said.

"This is good news from a user perspective because it should reduce the chance of overpaying for parking, or receiving a parking ticket."

The five highest use areas of the city for the app are:

  • Charles Street, 1 hour meters - 153 transactions
  • Cimitere/Cameron St Car park - 145 transactions
  • Basin Car Park - 115 transactions
  • George Street, 1 hour meters - 106 transactions
  • Paterson Street, 1 hour meters - 101 transactions

Councillor Gibson also took the opportunity to debunk misinformation circulating on social media regarding the app and the fee charged for its use.

"The app provider does charge a 10 per cent service fee for every transaction, but this is the same fee charged across every council using the app both in Tasmania and across Australia. It's most definitely not unique to the City of Launceston."