'Riverbend Park' gets nod from Council

Published on 02 July 2018

North Bank_med.jpg


While the area on the northern bank of the North Esk River opposite the Seaport has been referred to as 'North Bank' for many years, it will soon be known as 'Riverbend Park' if the State's Nomenclature Board adopts a recommendation from the City of Launceston.

Development of a major new recreational area and playground on the site is underway, and expected to be complete at the end of the year

However, with a street called 'North Bank' already in existence in Trevallyn, the park could not formally be known as 'North Bank' according to the Nomenclature Board's rules for place names in Tasmania.

Earlier this year, the City of Launceston put out a call to the community for suggestions for an official name for the area — a name which the Council could then recommend to the Nomenclature Board.

More than 160 suggestions were received, and Aldermen today approved the name 'Riverbend Park' to be recommended to the Nomenclature Board.

Launceston Mayor Albert van Zetten said the Council would now write to the Nomenclature Board to advise of the recommendation, and await the outcomes of the board's naming processes.

"We're very pleased with the number of suggestions that were sent in, and I would like to thank everyone who took the time to propose a name for this exciting new park," Mayor van Zetten said.

"We'll now await the process that the Nomenclature Board needs to go through to formalise the name.

"No matter what the park is called, the City of Launceston is committed to delivering an all-abilities playground and recreation area that is the envy of the State, with the 12m-tall Skywalk as its centrepiece.

"It's a tremendous development for Launceston, one that is going to delight families across Northern Tasmania, and one which we are very much looking forward to completing by the end of 2018."