The City of Launceston maintains many memorial parks and gardens around the municipality. 

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Rats of Tubruk Memorial Garden, Kings Park
This garden was established in 2004 in honour of all those who served in the Siege of Tubruk. The garden is in the shape of a 'T' signifying Tubruk and consists of a central planting of Camelia sasanqua surrounded by a hedge planting of Colleonerna pulchrum 'Aurea'. The Golden Diosma are representative of the sand of Tubruk and the Camellias of those who served at Tubruk. 

2nd/40th Battalion Memorial Garden, Kings Park
This garden was established in 2013 to represent the 70th anniversary of the 2nd/40th battalion during World War 2 and honour those who served in this battalion. The planting replicates the battalions ensign using a white rose and a red rose. The 2nd/40th was a battalion of the Australian armed forces and the majority who served were Tasmanian.   

Peter Underwood Peace Garden, Kings Park
The first stage of this garden was established in 2016 to provide a peaceful place for the community. It was inspired by our late Governor's the Hon. Peter Underwood AC, message to actively strive for peace on a daily basis. There are a dozen Peace Roses planted along with a collection of Tasmanian Natives. 

Royal Park Rose Gardens, Royal Park
These gardens were established in 1975. There are a number of beds with a wide range of Rosa species. 

Cenotaph, Royal Park
This memorial was established in 1924 in honour of those who served in WW1, WW2 and Vietnam. The cenotaph is a granite obelisk and the masonry is believed to have been prepared by George Ferries of Melbourne.