Step Three - Applying for a Planning Permit


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1. Application lodgement

  • Lodge application either in person or online, including at a minimum:
    • Development Application Form
    • Full copy of title including schedule of easements for all affected properties
    • Drawings and plans fully describing the location and proposal
    • Planning report or cover letter addressing the relevant provisions of the Planning Scheme
    • Any applicable supporting documents.
  • Pay the Planning Application Fee.
  • Acknowledgement: Council will send receipt of payment, and the allocated Planner will be in contact with you (normally within two business days).


For more information and guidance, including the Development Application Checklist, please click here.

2. Planner pre-assessment

  • Check to ensure that the application is complete and valid.
  • Internal referrals: Environmental Health (noise), Infrastructure service (parking, signs overhanging roadways, storm water), Natural Environment (vegetation issues).
  • External referrals: Tasmanian Heritage Council, TasWater, TasGas.


 3. Request for further information (if needed)

  • If necessary, the Planner will be in contact with you describing any further information required.
  • Once information is found to be satisfactory the application can progress.


 4. Application advertising – for discretionary applications only


 5. Consideration of any representations – for discretionary applications

  • If submissions from the public are received during the advertising period, they will be considered by the  Planner and discussed accordingly.


 6. Planner report and recommendation

  • Draft assessment: the assigned Planner will discuss any significant conditions related to the application.
  • The Planner will present recommendations to the Delegated Officer.


 7. Decision

  • The application can be approved by the Manager of City Development (under delegation of Council); or, if three or more representations are received, or if refusal is recommended, the decision will be made by the Councillors at a Council meeting.
  • The applicant may attend Council meetings to speak about their application.
  • Notification of decision, including any conditions of approval.



If you are not satisfied with the outcome, you can appeal to the Resource Management and Planning Appeal Tribunal:

  • An appeal must be lodged within two weeks of Council's decision
  • If there are no representations the applicant may complete and return a 'Waiver of Right to Appeal' form to Council, to allow building approvals to be issued prior to the end of the appeal period.


For answers to common questions, please click here. 

More information can be found via the Tasmanian Planning Commission website here.