Step Five - Completing the Development

Image of a kitchen

The timeline of your project will be agreed between yourself and your project manager.


General guidelines:

  • Comply with Planning Permit – ensure works are consistent with drawings and any conditions supplied on the permit, such as:
    • Noise limitations
    • Hours of operation
    • Rubbish and site maintenance
    • Any other specific permit conditions.
  • Comply with Building Permit conditions
  • Potential Changes to Building Approval - If changes to the design or construction are needed through the building approval or construction process, consult with the Building Surveyor and Planning Department to seek approval for amendments to Planning and Building Permits.


Upon completion you will need:  

  • Occupancy and Completion Certificates
    • Gained through the Building Surveyor once works are at an appropriate stage
    • Building Surveyor to submit to Council
  • Strata Plan Application for multiple dwellings/commercial lots
    • A Land Surveyor will prepare and lodge the application to Council, with associated fees
    • A building report from a Building Surveyor will be required for existing buildings that don’t have recent building/plumbing completions
    • The applicant lodges the Strata Plan with the Land Titles Office for registration.