Step Four - Applying for Approval to Build

Image of a building structure frame


Once you have received the Planning Permit, you can proceed with gaining building and plumbing approvals. 


This process can begin simultaneously with Step 3Applying for a Planning Permit, as the more developed the project concept is the more likely it will be to meet the Planning requirements.

It should be noted that while not always required for a Development Application, it is crucial that you engage an architect or other accredited building designer (and engineers if applicable) to complete the working drawings for Building approval.


During this stage you will need to:

  • Submit an Application for Certificate of Likely Compliance Building Work to the Building Surveyor;
  • Submit Application for Certificate of Likely Compliance Plumbing Work to the City of Launceston;
  • Apply for building and plumbing permits (need to cover protection work requirements);
  • Receive Building and Plumbing Permits; and
  • Submit Start Work Notice/s.