Carr Villa

Carr Villa has three locations for burials:

  • Lawn Cemetery: grassed lawn and bronze plaque
  • Limited Monumental Cemetery: grassed lawn with smaller headstone
  • Monumental Cemetery: full monumental surrounds

Please see Lawn and Monumental Cemeteries for more information. 

A crematorium operates at Carr Villa, allowing families and friends to farewell a loved one on site at Carr Villa.   

The Crematorium Chapel is available free of charge when a cremation is arranged with Carr Villa. Please enquire with your funeral director about this service or contact us for more information.

Please note any ashes being interred at Carr Villa that have not been cremated here will incur a $90 administration fee. Please see Memorials and Placement of Ashes for more details.

Memorial Placements and Plaques
There are a range of options when interring ashes including cremation gardens, memorial walls and family graves. Our staff can help you choose or design a memorial plaque for the site of your choice. Please contact us to arrange an appointment.

Please see Memorials and Placement of Ashes for more details.

Pre-purchasing future sites
The pre-purchase of burial and cremation sites is available at Carr Villa. Choose from a range of locations and gardens around the facility. Please contact us to arrange an appointment to discuss further.   

*Please note the price must be paid in full, as we do not accept part payments. If you need time to consider, we are able to hold a site for one month.