Paying Rates

Your rates can be paid in one payment to be made by 31 August or, in four instalments on August 31, November 30, January 31 and April 30.

Payment options will be included on your Rates Notice which will be mailed to you. If you'd prefer us to email your Rates Notice, please email

Online Payments

Visit our Payments, Fees and Charges page to pay online. 


Direct Debit Payments

We can arrange a direct debit should you wish to make payment of your rates throughout the year by either fortnightly, quarterly or annual (once off) frequency. Please contact us for more information or complete the Direct Debit form(PDF, 385KB) and return to us.


Late rate payments

Overdue rate instalments are subject to late payment penalties and interest. But if you're having difficulty paying on time, please call us to discuss your options. 


Change of address

Please let us know if you change address to ensure the correct delivery of Rates Notices. You can contact us or complete and return the below form: