52 Things To Do Before You Turn 12

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From mountain bike tracks, skate parks, walking trails through to flying fox's and pirate ships, there's plenty to explore around Launceston.

The activities shared in the 52 Things To Do Before You Turn 12 Around Launceston(PDF, 2MB) have been shared by Launceston's young people and their families. The guide identifies the top activities on offer in Launceston for children aged 12 and under.  Start adventuring your way through the guide and tick-off the activities as you go.

Here are some useful tips, links and resources for helping you complete 52 Things To Do Before You Turn 12 Around Launceston:


Camping Related Tips & Resources

Enjoy plenty of low or no cost camping around Launceston. Some great campsites to include on your camping list include: Myrtle Park Camping and Recreation Ground, Lilydale Falls, Old Mac's Farm Stay -Launceston, Branxholm, Scottsdale National Park Campgrounds.

To find more campsites around Launceston and the State use the resources below:
Parks Tasmania - Find National Parks around the State
Camping Tasmania - A resource to find camping listings in Tasmania
Caravan Parks Tasmania 
Caravanning Tasmania

Riverbend Park

Find Playgrounds and Parks

Find bike parks, trike paths, gardens and all abilities playgrounds in and around our city. Favourites include Riverbend Park, Heritage Forest, Punchbowl Reserve, City Park, First Basin (Cataract Gorge).

Use the links below to find more:

Tips and Resources for Discovering Something Active

Try one of the activities below or a new sport, physical activity, theatre production or keep an eye out for an upcoming park run.

Geocaching Image.jpeg

Try GeoCache Treasure Hunting

A geocaching activity involves hiding and seeking containers, known as "geocaches" or "caches," at specific locations all over the world. There are plenty of free geocaching sites you can use, have a look at Geocaching 101 and the free Geocaching Australia App to get started on your GeoCache Treasure Hunt.


Fishing Related Tips & Resources

Find places to fish in and around our municipality including Corra Linn, Waverley Lake, Myrtle Park, St Leonards, Lake Trevallyn, North Esk near Hoblers Bridge, Windermere Jetty, South Esk River, Meander Valley, Brumby Creek, Four Springs Lake.

To find more information about these locations and more use the handy links below:

  • Inland Fisheries
    Making sure you have the correct licensing when fishing in Tasmania is important. Head over to Inland Fisheries for your Fishing License Information. Children under 14 usually are not required to have a license for inland fishing. No license is required for sea-based fishing.
  • Fish Brain
    An interactive map to explore fishing places in your area, the fish you might catch there, and what bait to use. You can also log your catches on here as well.

Walking and Hiking Trails Tips & Resources

Visiting local parks and trails is a great way to keep healthy and find a new passion. Some favourites around Launceston include Hollybank Reserve, North Esk Trail, Cataract Gorge, Trevallyn Reserve, Kate Reed and the Tamar Island Wetlands.  
Use the resources below to get started