e-Scooter Trial Evaluation Report

The e-Scooter Trial Evaluation Report incorporates feedback from the community and stakeholders and extensive analysis of numerous datasets from local and national data sources. The result is a comprehensive review which informs recommendations for future commercial e-Scooter hire in the Launceston municipality.

From 18 December 2021 to 17 December 2022, the City of Launceston monitored the introduction of commercial e-Scooter hire in Launceston through a trial with two operators, Beam Mobility Holding Pte. Ltd and Neuron Mobility (Australia) Pty. Ltd, referred to as Beam and Neuron respectively throughout.

Council’s role in the trial enabled the impact on the community to be identified, concerns addressed and the ongoing usage of e-Scooters to be monitored.

Download the e-Scooter Trial Evaluation Report(PDF, 15MB)

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