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Mayor Albert van Zetten

Mayor Albert van Zetten

His Worship the Mayor

Term expires as Mayor: 2022
Term expires as Councillor: 2022
First elected: 2005 


Phone: 03 6323 3101
Mobile: 0413 671 926


Mayor Albert van Zetten was first elected to the City of Launceston in 2005.

Before entering the local government sector, Mayor van Zetten spent more than 30 years as a chartered accountant, 18 years as Chief Executive Officer of Launceston City Mission and had close involvement with a range of community organisations across Northern Tasmania.

In October 2007, he was elected Mayor with the aim of working with Northern Tasmanians to help make Launceston one of the world's great regional cities.

He is currently in his fourth term as Mayor of the City of Launceston, supported by his wife Lyndle and their three children, and strongly believes that community collaboration and teamwork can make the impossible, possible.

Mayor van Zetten says the year 2020 has been one of the most challenging in his time in the City's highest public office, due to the global COVID-19 pandemic.

In Northern Tasmania, like other parts of the world, jobs were lost, businesses had to close, family and friends were temporarily separated, and entire sectors - such as tourism - ground to a halt.

Mayor van Zetten led the Councillors to approve a Community Recovery Package and actively sought opportunities to provide support and reassurance to the Northern Tasmanian community during these uncertain times.

In his view, Greater Launceston is still on track to become one of the great regional cities in the world: it is small enough to manage and large enough to matter. He believes great opportunities lie ahead for Launceston, and that Northern Tasmanians, working together, can achieve great things for our community.


Council Committees: CEO's Contract & Performance Review.

Special Committees: NTCA Ground Management, QVMAG Governance Advisory Board, Launceston City Heart Reference Group.

External Committees: Local Government Association of Tasmania, TasWater Owners Representatives.



Deputy Mayor Danny Gibson

Alderman Danny Gibson

Term expires as Deputy Mayor: 2022
Term expires as Councillor: 2022
First elected: 2011


Mobile: 0407 096 597 


Councillor Danny Gibson was elected in October 2011. He is passionate about the City of Launceston, having enjoyed a professional career in Northern Tasmania in education, media and the arts.

Councillor Gibson is a volunteer, supporter and patron of many not-for-profit organisations and currently teaches drama to the region's young people. He has been a long-time supporter of the city's cultural sector and believes it delivers important economic benefits to the region.


Council Committees: CEO's Contract & Performance Review.

Special Committees: Australia Day, Awards & Hall of Fame, Events Sponsorship Assessment Panel, Community Grants (Organisations). Program, Northern Youth Coordinating, Scholarship & Bursary, Launceston Sister City Committee, .Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery Governance Advisory Board.

External Committees: Launceston Safer Communities Partnership, Launceston College Association, Local Government Association of Tasmania.


Councillor Janie Finlay



Term expires: 2022
First elected: 2000


Mobile: 0419 343 163


Councillor Finlay was first elected in 2000 and served as Mayor from 2002 to 2005 after being elected to the role at the age of just 27. The youngest female mayor in Australian history, Councillor Finlay resigned from the Council in 2007 to pursue other interests and went on to serve as a Director of NAI Harcourts, Director of the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra, and Chairman of the Launceston Tornadoes. Councillor Finlay has operated two award-winning small hospitality businesses and in 2017 was appointed Communications Director for a global tech company, headquartered in Launceston.

Councillor Finlay was re-elected to the Council in 2014, bringing her experience in the not-for-profit and business sectors back to the City of Launceston. Councillor Finlay has a strong focus on family, maintaining Launceston's unique character and a passion for good governance. Councillor Finlay is committed to working with leading organisations and community members to achieve the vision within our City Deal to make Launceston one of Australia’s most liveable and innovative regional cities.


Council Committees: CEO's Contract and Performance Review.

Special Committees: Audit Panel, Cataract Gorge Advisory, Heritage Advisory, North Bank, Launceston City Heart Reference Group.

External Committees: Launceston Safer Communities Partnership, Newstead College Association, University of Tasmania Northern Campus Engagement and Advisory Group, Economic Development Working Group.

Councillor Andrea Dawkins

Alderman Dawkins

Term expires: 2022
First elected: 2014 


Mobile: 0438 346 445


Andrea Dawkins was first elected to City of Launceston in 2014, leading to a stint in state parliament from 2015 to 2018.  Andrea has over 20 years in small business, having strengths in social enterprise and placemaking.

Andrea campaigned on waste reduction, a local food security plan for the LGA and greater focus on animal welfare. So far, in this term, Andrea has moved successful motions leading to the establishment of Australia’s first public greyhound off-leash area and the phasing out of single use plastics, in council managed properties and land and for council sponsored events.


Special Committees: Australia Day, Access Advisory Committee, Scholarly and Bursary Committee.

External Committees: Design Tasmania.

Councillor Nick Daking

Nick Daking

Term expires: 2022
First elected: 2018 



Mobile: 0499 225 568


Councillor Nick Daking is a Launceston local and extremely passionate about Launceston as a city, its business community, and its citizens. Councillor Daking wants to ensure that Launceston is a city full of opportunity, and is motivated to help make the changes necessary for Launceston to become one of the most liveable cities in Australia.

Councillor Daking enjoyed a fantastic childhood growing up in Launceston and believes it is one he would like his children to experience. He loves the lifestyle Launceston offers and plans on calling Launceston home for many years to come. Councillor Daking has an Advanced Diploma in Civil Engineering and for many years worked with an International Funds Manager where he specialised in finance construction with large developments across the country.

Councillor Daking has spent years building and managing hospitality businesses within in Launceston and during this time he has also been an active board member of the Tasmanian Hospitality Association.


Special Committees: Event Sponsorship Assessment Panel, Launceston City Heart Reference Group,  Tender Review Committee, Youth Advisory Group.

External Committees: Economic Development Working Group.


Councillor Hugh McKenzie

Alderman Hugh McKenzie 

Term expires: 2022
First elected: 2011 


Mobile: 0418 132 442


Councillor Hugh McKenzie was elected in October 2011. He comes from a strong business background, having been a partner in business advisory firm KPMG for 24 years. Since retiring from that position in 2011 he has spent the past 9 years giving back to his community in a variety of ways, not the least in his role as Councillor. He determined, in order to do this role the way he wanted (which is full commitment) he needed to be free from a permanent fulltime role and as such now focusses on Board positions and community roles outside his councillor duties. In the theme of giving back he is currently the Chair of Primary Health Tasmania, which has played a vital role in the current COVID-19 space, he sits as the Council endorsed Director on the Launceston Airport, is a member of the Board of Management for the Northern Suburbs Community Centre and is the chair of the Cape Hope Foundation, a philanthropic organisation that funds “hand up” type projects in the Northern Tasmania region including scholarships for disadvantaged young people.

He was previously the Chair of Scotch Oakburn College and a founding Trustee of the Tamar Valley Peace Trust, State Chair and National Committee member of Chartered Accountants Australia New Zealand (CAANZ).

He is an avid sports fan who has participated in football (Australian Rules), cricket, tennis, golf and cycling, including as past President of the Stan Siejka Cycling Festival.

He lives by the motto of “don’t say, do”.


Special Committees: Audit Panel, Tender Review, Heritage Advisory, Heritage Forest Advisory, Launceston Access Advisory (Chair), Pedestrian and Bike (Chair).

External Committees: Australia Pacific Airports Launceston, Theatre North Inc, Tamar NRM Reference Group, University of Tasmania Northern Campus Engagement and Advisory Group, Economic Development Working Group.

Councillor Karina Stojansek


Term expires: 2022
First elected: 2015


Mobile: 0419 572 808


Councillor Karina Stojansek was elected in 2015, and has more than 20 years' senior management experience in small to medium organisations, most recently as the Managing Director of a Statewide IT training organisation. She completed a Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Tasmania and has extensive skills in accounting, human resources and business management.

Councillor Stojansek is currently on the board of the local Steiner School and has served on various committees including RSPCA Tasmania, and the Trevallyn Tennis Club in the positions of President, Treasurer and Secretary.

 She has been involved with the migrant community, delivering the Foot in the Door Program helping migrants find employment.

Councillor Stojansek has a passion for community and believes strongly in the importance of health, family, an active lifestyle and building a vibrant, dynamic, connected and inclusive community.


Special Committees: Community Grants (Organisations) Program, Events Sponsorship Assessment Panel, Launceston City Heart Reference Group, Pedestrian and Bike, Youth Advisory Group, Launceston Sister City Committee.

External Committees: Every Child Succeeds Committee, Ravenswood Action Group.


Councillor Rob Soward


 Term expires: 2022

First Elected: 2009


Mobile: 0402 357 536


Councillor Rob Soward was first elected as a Councillor in 2009 and served as Deputy Mayor 2014 - 2018.

Councillor Soward holds postgraduate qualifications in educational leadership and has a strong community and sporting background including 24 years as a senior teacher with the Department of Education. He is a past Director of the Northern Tasmanian Football League and Connect Credit Union (My State Ltd) and has had 24 years' experience as an AFL Accredited Level 2 Football Coach. 

Councillor Soward has held senior state manager roles in the Tasmanian employment sector working on job creation and assisting people to gain employment . Councillor Soward has strong interests in improving community health and wellbeing and is currently involved in a project management role in that area.


Council Committees: CEO's Contract & Performance Review.
Special Committees: 
Australia Day, Awards & Hall of Fame, Heritage Forest Advisory, Launceston Sister City Committee, North Bank, QVMAG Governance Advisory Board (proxy).
External Committees: Local Government Association of Tasmania (proxy).


Councillor Paul Spencer 
Paul Spencer

Term expires: 2022
First elected: 2018 


Mobile: 0418 133 404


Councillor Paul Spencer was elected in November 2018.  He is happily married to wife Margy and has been for 39 years.  Together they have 5 adult sons and 5 grandchildren.  Councillor Spencer has been a hard-working electrician for 44 years and self-employed in his own successful business for 29 years.  Two of Paul's sons are also qualified electricians and have joined the business. 

Councillor Spencer has employed many apprentices and worked with varied tradespeople on jobs from heavy industrial to residential projects.  His interests include restoring cars, motor racing, farming and spending time with his family.

Councillor Spencer is driven by his desire to provide a fair go for all and to help people from all walks of life.  He is committed to his election promises of introducing a fair tender process and ensuring Council is transparent and fair in all its processes.


Council Committees: CEO's Contract & Performance Review.

Special Committees: Tender Review.

External Committees: Launceston Safer Communities Partnership.


Councillor Jim Cox


Term expires: 2022
First elected: 2011


Mobile: 0437 072 486 


Councillor Jim Cox was elected in October 2011. He spent more than 20 years as a member of the Tasmanian Government, in which he held several key portfolios including Police and Emergency Management, and Road Safety - and he remains passionate about improving road safety statewide. Councillor Cox sees his current role in Local Government as an opportunity to give something back to a community that has supported him for many decades.


Council Committees: CEO's Contract and Performance Review.

Special Committees: Municipal Emergency Management Committee.

Special Committees: Launceston Sister City, Tender Review.

Councillor Alan Harris

Alan Harris.pngTerm expires: 2022

First elected: 2018



Mobile:0418 130 616


Councillor Alan Harris was first elected to Council in 2018. Councillor Harris was born, educated and lives in Launceston. He is married to Katrina with two adult children and his interests include community service through Rotary, cycling, classic motorcycles and cars. Councillor Harris has a wealth of business knowledge and skills, gained over a 40-year career working as a Senior Executive in Telstra, Federal politics and aged care.

Councillor Harris has been an active Rotarian since 2003, holding many leadership positions including Club President, Secretary, Assistant District Governor and leading a Rotary Exchange team to Denmark in 2012. He is the past Chairman of the Carrick Community Committee and the Southern Launceston Community Development committee.

Councillor Harris is committed to bringing fresh perspective, new ideas and strong leadership to Council and supports the introduction of 90-minute free parking in CBD Council owned car parks, expanded CBD pedestrian areas, new dedicated cycle paths throughout the city and improved traffic flow management around the city.


Special Committees: Cataract Gorge Advisory Committee, Launceston City Heart Reference Group, Pedestrian and Bike Committee.

External Committees: Franklin House Management Committee, Newstead College Association.

Councillor Tim Walker

Term expires: 2022Tim Walker.png

First elected: 2018


Mobile: 0490 250 016


Councillor Tim Walker was elected in 2018 and is a former ABC reporter and current adviser to Senator Peter Whish-Wilson. He would like to see Launceston continue becoming a more inclusive and sustainable community. He has an active interest in heritage, arts and protecting our environment.

Tim knows Launceston faces big challenges in terms of population growth, traffic management and housing availability and affordability, and looks forward to working with the broader community to find long-term solutions that are sustainable and inclusive. This includes increasing public transport and dedicated cycleways, affordable and sustainable housing, improving resource recycling and environmental pollution, developing a meaningful relationship with the Tasmanian Aboriginal community, improving the kanamaluka/Tamar Estuary and our other waterways, local fresh food security and thoughtful urban development that does not detract from our enviable and unique community lifestyle.

Tim is currently Chair of the Cataract Gorge Advisory Committee, and a member of the Heritage Advisory Committee, Community Grants (Organisations) Program, the Economic Development Working Group, and the CEO’s Contract and Performance Review Committee. He looks forward to serving the City of Launceston and to hearing from you about your ideas or concerns.­­­


Council Committees: CEO's Contract & Performance Review.

Special Committees: Cataract Gorge Advisory Committee, Community Grants (Organisations), Heritage Advisory Committee.

External Committees: Tamar NRM Reference Group, Economic Development Working Group.