Types of Rates

Launceston View - City of Launceston


Some rates and charges apply to specific services, while others are used to fund other Council responsibilities.

Please note all Local Government rates are GST exempt. 

General Rate and Charge
Levied to fund a range of Council services such as roads, storm water, planning, and recreation. This rate is applied to all properties in the municipal area other than those which are specifically exempted by statute.

Waste Management Charge
A flat charge that funds the weekly garbage and recycling collection service. If you would like to change the size of your wheelie bin or request an additional service please call the Council's Customer Service Centre on 03 6323 3000. Please note a fee may apply.

State Fire Service Rate
Levied on behalf of the State Government to contribute toward funding the Fire Commission and is applied to various fire districts.

CBD Promotional Rate
Levied to fund promotional activities within the Central Business District (CBD). This rate applies to properties within a defined area in the centre of the city.