Greater Launceston Plan

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The Greater Launceston Plan(PDF, 67MB) (GLP) is a comprehensive outline of the social, economic and environmental status of our municipality and surrounding areas. 

The GLP examines trends and how we can capitalise on our strengths and address challenges. The community's vision and aspirations for the greater Launceston area by 2035 is also set out in the GLP. See Major Projects for more information and associated documents. 

The Greater Launceston Plan (GLP) is a community vision and evidence-based framework for the sustainable development of Launceston and its surrounds over the next 20 years and beyond.

The project was initiated by the City of Launceston through the Liveable Cities Program managed by the Commonwealth Department of Infrastructure and Transport.

The GLP embraces the Launceston municipality together with the municipalities of George Town, Meander Valley, Northern Midlands and West Tamar.

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Aims of the GLP

The GLP is directed to achieve five principal outcomes for the participating Councils and broader communities they represent:

• Provide a unified vision and consistent policy framework to support prosperity and sustainable development for existing and future communities in the greater Launceston area;

• Provide an overarching metropolitan regional framework to coordinate planning and development in the municipalities that together make up the greater Launceston area;

•Provide a regional view of development priorities within the greater Launceston area;

• Identify key city projects to be undertaken by the participating Councils which will act as a focus for new investment and sustainable development opportunities in the greater Launceston area;

• Facilitate a consistent approach to the implementation of planning and development policy and initiatives within the greater Launceston area.


The GLP reflects the aspirations of the residents for the development of Launceston and the surrounding communities.

Based on community input, the draft GLP provides a long-term strategy for sustainable land use planning and management to inform a coordinated approach for municipal planning and investment in the greater Launceston area built on:

  • A unifying greater Launceston vision
  • A clear statement of strategic principles and directions that reflect National Urban Policy and best practice in regional urban planning
  • The dynamics and needs of the communities that comprise the greater Launceston area
  • An understanding of the land and water ecology and the conservation and heritage values that provide the environmental and cultural context for the strategy
  • An understanding of the economic resources, competitive advantages and opportunities of greater Launceston
  • The long-term transport needs of the region within a state and national context

For more information about the GLP, we have a range of detailed reports available. Please contact us if you'd like more detail.