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Key City of Launceston plans, reports, strategies and policies are available in this section. If you would like to request access to another document, please contact us

Plans and Reports

Greater Launceston Plan

The Greater Launceston Plan (GLP) is a comprehensive outline of the social, economic and environmental status of our municipality and surrounding areas. 

The GLP examines trends and how we can capitalise on our strengths and address challenges. The community's vision and aspirations for the greater Launceston area by 2035 is also set out in the GLP. See Major Projects for more information and associated documents. 

Strategic Plan

The City of Launceston's Strategic Plan(PDF, 2MB) has been designed to provide direction for the Council as the major provider of services and facilities in Northern Tasmania. 

Annual Plan

An important part of Council's planning process is its Annual Plan.(PDF, 9MB)  

The Annual Plan details the major actions the Council will undertake in a financial year to work towards achieving the strategies outlined in the Council's ten year Strategic Plan. The plan is released annually at the beginning of the financial year and the Council reports on progress against the Annual Plan every quarter.


Annual Report

The Council's Annual Report profiles the Launceston region and Council.

It also identifies the Council's objectives for the financial year as established in its Annual Plan and in line with the Greater Launceston Plan. Council's performance in accordance with those objectives is monitored and reported to demonstrate commitment to openness, accuracy transparency.

Our Annual Report aims to satisfy our statutory responsibilities under the Local Government Act 1993 and other legislation.  

City of Launceston Annual Report

Click here to view the 2021-22 City of Launceston Annual Report in PDF format.(PDF, 15MB)

QVMAG Annual Report

Click here to view the 2021-22 QVMAG Annual Report in PDF format.(PDF, 2MB)

Long Term Financial Plan

This document represents a key element of the City of Launceston's Strategic Planning Framework.

The Long Term Financial Plan 2022 - 2032(PDF, 2MB) sets out Council's objectives, goals, and operating requirements in financial terms.

View the City of Launceston Financial Management Policy here.(PDF, 525KB)  

Strategic Asset Management Plan

This document represents a key element of the City of Launceston's Strategic Planning Framework.

The Strategic Asset Management Plan(PDF, 9MB) outlines the quantity and quality of the assets owned and managed by Council, and forecasts the funding required to maintain, renew and re-invest in this portfolio.

View the City of Launceston Asset Management Policy online here.(PDF, 385KB)



Four Year Delivery Plan

The Four Year Delivery Plan is a key element of the Council’s Integrated Corporate Planning Framework as it outlines the key services, Annual Plan actions as well as key projects for advocacy, which will be focussed on by the Council over a four year period.

The Plan will enable the Council to work towards delivering on the Community Vision as outlined in the Greater Launceston Plan and our Organisational vision and purpose as articulated in our Corporate Strategic Plan.

Download the Four Year Delivery Plan online here.(PDF, 48MB)


Future Direction Plan York Park (UTAS Stadium)

The purpose of this Future Directions Plan is to analyse the challenges, risks and opportunities that exist for York Park (UTAS Stadium) and to make recommendations on the future directions which will enable the stadium to continue acting as a major social and economic driver for Launceston, the greater northern region and the State.

Download the Future Directions Plan York Park (UTAS Stadium).(PDF, 22MB)

End of Term Report 2018-2022

The purpose of the End of Term Report is to acknowledge and objectively comment on our progress against the strategic goals that we set in 2018. The End of Term Report summarises the achievements of our organisation and our outgoing Councillors, and sets the strategic scene that our incoming Councillors will influence during their 2022-2026 term.

Click here to view the End of Term Report 2018-2022 in PDF format.(PDF, 6MB)

e-Scooter Trial Evaluation

From 18 December 2021 to 17 December 2022, the City of Launceston monitored the introduction of commercial e-Scooter hire in Launceston through a trial with two operators, Beam Mobility Holding Pte. Ltd and Neuron Mobility (Australia) Pty. Ltd, referred to as Beam and Neuron respectively throughout.

Council’s role in the trial enabled the impact on the community to be identified, concerns addressed and the ongoing usage of e-Scooters to be monitored.

A review of the trial has been undertaken, which incorporates feedback from the community and stakeholders and extensive analysis of numerous datasets from local and national data sources. The result is a comprehensive review which informs recommendations for future commercial e-Scooter hire in the Launceston municipality.

Download the City-of-Launceston-e-Scooter-Trial-Evaluation.pdf(PDF, 15MB) 

Aboriginal Partnership Plan

This Aboriginal Partnership Plan has been developed to form part of the Council’s Community Engagement Strategy. It outlines a focused and agreed approach for the City of Launceston to engage with Aboriginal People in a culturally respectful and genuine manner.

Download the Aboriginal Partnership Plan(PDF, 10MB)

Tourism Plan 2019 - 2022

Tourists exploring City of Launceston Cataract Gorge, using chairlift 

The City of Launceston Tourism Plan outlines the City of Launceston's role in growing and servicing the visitor economy. 

The aim of this Tourism Plan is to set a clear direction on Council’s role in growing and servicing the visitor economy and map how we intend to partner with our stakeholders to deliver engaging and meaningful visitor experiences.

Over the next four years, Launceston will contribute to growing the visitor economy with enhanced visitor experiences, supporting infrastructure and good governance.

The City of Launceston is one of many organisations passionate about developing, supporting and growing the tourism industry in Tasmania; specifically the Launceston region.

Download the City of Launceston Tourism Plan (2019-2022)(PDF, 4MB).


Past Reports


Launceston Cultural Strategy

City of Launceston Cultural Strategy Draft


On 26th November 2020, Council unanimously endorsed the adoption of the City of Launceston's Cultural Strategy 2020 - 2030.

The Strategy represents the first strategic cultural plan for Launceston and sets out five strategic themes with 22 strategies and suggests more than 25 actions for culture in our City.

The Strategy was developed after extensive consultation with Launceston’s community, local cultural practitioners and stakeholders.

The delivery of the Cultural Strategy is a Launceston City Deal initiative and supported by the State and Federal governments.

Download the Launceston Cultural Strategy (PDF)(PDF, 11MB)

Launceston Residential Strategy

This strategy provides the way forward for housing in the Launceston municipality for the next 20 years and beyond. It has been developed as an integral part of the review of the Launceston Planning Scheme 1996, and has been informed by the public consultation process undertaken as a central component of that review.

Launceston Residential Strategy(PDF, 18MB)(PDF, 18MB)

Launceston Industrial Strategy

This document sets out the strategic directions for industrial development in the Launceston municipality for the next 20 years. It has been developed as part of a review of the Launceston Planning Scheme 1996. 

Launceston Industrial Strategy(PDF, 28MB) (PDF, 28MB)

Launceston Public Art Strategy 2023 - 2031

The Launceston Public Art Strategy 2023-2031 sets out an eight-year plan to strengthen the City’s commitment to public art. The Strategy presents a vision to advance public art across Launceston and develop a range of public art programs for the benefit of residents and visitors.

Download the Launceston Public Art Strategy 2023-2031(PDF, 12MB)

Economic Development Strategy - Horizon 2021

This strategy provides the framework and directions to facilitate and promote Launceston’s economic development over the next five years.  The strategy’s focus is on the mutually-reinforcing and complementary relationship between improvements in economic activity, community wellbeing, cultural diversity, a sense of ‘place’ and the environment.

Economic Development Strategy - Horizon 2021(PDF, 2MB)

Economic Development Strategy 2022 -2026

This Strategy focuses on the contributions that we can make, as a Council, to provide the best possible conditions for business and industry to start, grow and thrive in Launceston.

Economic Development Strategy 2022 - 2026(PDF, 18MB)
Economic Development Strategy 2022 - 2026 : Overview(PDF, 8MB)

Political Advertising on Council Facilities

This policy ensures a consistent and equitable treatment of signage by elected political members erected in Council controlled properties or reserves.

Political Advertising on Council Facilities Policy(PDF, 20KB)(PDF, 20KB)

Public Spaces Public Life 2011

In 2010, Council commissioned world renowned urban design consultants, Gehl Architects, to undertake a Public Spaces Public Life study in Launceston. The report was launched in 2011 and centres on people’s experiences in the city, with the knowledge that improving these experiences can lead to significant benefits for the whole community. The recommendations set out in this document have been influential in the development of the Launceston City Heart project and continue to inspire a positive future for Launceston.

Public Spaces Public Life 2011(PDF, 91MB)(PDF, 91MB)

Launceston Central Bus Interchange Options