Waste and Recycling Collection

Kerbside Waste and Recycling

The Council provides wheelie bins for garbage and recycling collection to all homes in the General Collection Area, CBD collection is offered opt in. These bins are manufactured using recycled plastic. Wheelie bins must be placed out on the kerb before 6am and be spaced one metre away from other wheelie bins.

In an effort to minimise the municipality's contribution to landfill, the City of Launceston encourages people to consider recycling wherever possible. Below is more information about how to recycle, for further information please contact us

Contractors will collect bins between 6 am to 6 pm on your allocated week, so please ensure bins are out prior to the collection window. Use the resources below to find out when your bin will be picked up:

Download a printable Kerbside Collection Calendar and Recycling and Waste Guide for the CBD/General Collection Areas here

View an Interactive Kerbside Collection Map and Calendar Online for the CBD and General Collection areas

What can be placed in your recycling wheelie bin (yellow lid)

  • Aluminium cans
  • Glass bottles
  • Metal cans (including empty paint cans & aerosol cans)
  • Paper, newspaper, cardboard (no shredded paper or tissues)
  • Plastic containers

What items can't be placed in your kerbside recycling bin

  • Bagged waste / bagged recycling
  • Textiles
  • eWaste
  • Polystyrene 
  • Soft plastics
  • Nappies
  • Paint
  • Green waste
  • CDs and DVDs
  • Car engines
  • Long life milk and juice cartons (foil & plastic lined)
  • Sharps

Kerbside Collection CBD - Information and Registration

Kerbside Collection (CBD)

The Central Business District (CBD) kerbside collection service is offered opt-in, for a weekly waste collection and a fortnightly recycling collection. This service is available for residents, commercial businesses and offices within the CBD collection area. 

The options are listed below:

  • general waste wheelie bin (140L or 240L bin)
  • recycling wheelie bin (240L bin - W585mm x D740mm x H1080mm)

Download the CBD Kerbside Collection FAQ sheet online here(PDF, 635KB)

There is an annual fee associated with this service, please views Council's current adopted fees and charges or contact Council's Customer Service Centre for more information.

Register for CBD kerbside bin collection online here

Other Recyclable Items

Other items that should be considered for recycling, although not able to be recycled through your kerbside collection service, include: 


The Launceston Library is happy to accept donations of gently used books, audio books, music cassettes, CDs and DVDs. Donations may be left at the LINC or call 03 6336 2625 if you need to arrange a collection. The Library reuses the books in three ways, by adding them to the lending collection; selling them at the annual March book sale (the money raised is used to buy new books), or recycling the paper. Book recycling is a joint community project between the Launceston Library, the Friends of the Library and the Lions Club of Launceston and Riverside. 

Family papers and photographs

The Launceston Library is more than happy to accept donations of unwanted family papers and photographs. They will be catalogued and stored in archival quality boxes to stop them deteriorating and they could be of use to people in the future who wish to study their family history.

Fluoro tubes and bulbs

Collection points are available through the Recycle Hub, located at the City of Launceston Town Hall Customer Service Centre. Collection points also include the Launceston Waste Centre, and accepts whole, securely wrapped, fluoro bulbs and tubes.

Household batteries, including AAs, AAAs and button batteries

Household batteries can be left at the Recycle Hub, Located at the Town Hall Customer Service Centre (excluding car batteries). All batteries can also be disposed of at the Launceston Waste Centre, Mowbray (including car batteries).


Polystyrene packaging (as found around new TVs, Fridges etc.) can be received at the Launceston Waste Centre. Please note that we can't accept polystyrene meat trays, drinking cups or food packaging. 

Soft Plastics

This includes plastic bags, bubble wrap, food bags, plastic film and plastic wrap. These items can all be received at the Launceston Waste Centre. Soft plastic can be clear only - the Launceston Waste Centre cannot accept coloured plastic at this time. 


Paint can be accepted at the Launceston Waste Centre.


eWaste of all sizes can be accepted at the Launceston Waste Centre. Small eWaste can also be recycled at the Recycle Hub located at Town Hall, to learn more, click here.


Textiles can be donated to a local charity if in good condition. 

Mobile phones and accessories

A Mobile Muster collection is located at the Recycle Hub in the City of Launceston Customer Service Centre (Town Hall, St John Street, Launceston) and accepts all mobile phones and accessories for recycling.