Council to consider proposed Annual Budget and Annual Plan

Published on 28 March 2024


The City of Launceston will next week consider its proposed Annual Budget, Annual Plan and fees and charges for the 2024/25 financial year.

The proposed 2024/25 Annual Budget seeks to invest in the city's roads, parks, footpaths and community facilities, while balancing cost-of-living pressures being felt by residents.

The Council's proposed budget will fund a $26 million capital works program, alongside the continued delivery of essential services to the community. Capital projects proposed in the budget include:

● $1 million for the restoration of City Park's popular St John Hart Conservatory

● $300,000 for upgrades at the Royal Park Skate Park

● $1.4 million for the second stage of restoration works on the Cataract Gorge's Alexandra Suspension Bridge

● $700,000 for the NTCA master plan redevelopment project

● $4.8 million for road resealing

● $1.9 million for improvements to parks and play spaces

● $600,000 for footpath renewals and;

● $1 million for a new Northern Gateway project aimed at welcoming visitors to the city.

The proposed 2024/25 Annual Plan contains seven strategic priorities in areas like community engagement, growth, governance, services, sustainability, planning and more. Nearly 50 actions have been identified, aligning with the Council’s Corporate Strategic Plan.

Actions listed in the proposed 2024/25 Annual Plan include:

● Progressing the master plan and business case for a redevelopment of the NTCA precinct.

● Progressing an improvement plan for the Princess Theatre and Earl Arts Centre Complex.

● Completing redevelopment works at the Albert Hall.

● Growing Launceston's night-time economy.

● Progressing the second stage of the Launceston City Heart Project, including the introduction of two way traffic.

● Implementing flood intelligence system improvements.

● Reviewing the future of waste management infrastructure in the municipality, and;

● Developing a future master plan for Carr Villa Memorial Park.


City of Launceston Mayor Matthew Garwood said the Council had kept any proposed increases to a minimum, given the cost-of-living pressures being felt in many parts of the community.

"The City of Launceston's proposed 2024/25 Annual Plan and Annual Budget have been informed by feedback from Launceston residents through our ongoing community engagement program Tomorrow Together," Mayor Garwood said.

"It's not always the sexy stuff but this proposed budget will allow us to consolidate existing services and capital projects, with a focus on the renewal of existing services and infrastructure.

"Despite resourcing constraints and growing construction and supply chain costs — which continue to impact Council operations — the City of Launceston is aware of the cost-of-living pressures being felt by Northern Tasmanians and we're seeking to deliver a budget that is fair and community minded, with the proposed rate increase in the budget (4.5%), equating to approximately $1.15 per week."


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