Environmental Regulations

Councils and the EPA Tasmania share responsibility for the management of the environment and the control of pollution in Tasmania. 

Everyone has a general environmental duty to take such steps as are practicable or reasonable to prevent or minimise adverse effects on the environment and people’s enjoyment of the environment, caused, or likely to be caused, by their activity. 

The conduct of an activity which may cause an adverse effect on the environment is subject to the requirements of the Environmental Management and Pollution Control Act 1994 and associated Regulations which are all available here

Potentially contaminated land
Development on potentially contaminated land requires a staged process of assessment to determine and manage any associated risks to human health and the environment. 

Potentially contaminated land means land where a potentially contaminating activity is currently occurring, or has historically occurred, on the land or on adjacent land. 

Where a Planning Authority or Permit Authority considers a development or building application in relation to potentially contaminated land, the applicant may be required to provide an Environmental Site Assessment prepared by a suitably qualified person and/or undertake remediation or management measures to demonstrate the site is suitable for the intended use.

View information about potentially contaminated land and find a Site Contamination Practitioners Australia certified practitioner here.