Parking Locations and Fees


Cataract Gorge Reserve, Basin Road, West Launceston

  • $4.00 for four hours
  • $6.00 per day
  • Monday to Sunday from 9am to 5pm

Paterson Street East

1-15 Paterson Street, Launceston

  • $2.40 for first hour 
  • $1.20 for every half hour (or part thereof) after that
  • Electric vehicle charging station (per kw/hour) $0.50
  • Evening rate: $2.00 per entry (Monday to Saturday from 5.30pm to 12am)
  • Monday to Saturday from 9am to 5.30pm and Sunday from 10am to 5.30pm


FREE parking: Monday to Sunday from 3.30pm to 5.30pm

Parking spaces: 209 public, 11 accessible bays

Facilities: lift and accessible toilets

Paterson Street West

79-81 Paterson Street, Launceston

  • $2.40 for the first hour and
  • $1.20 for every half hour (or part thereof) after that
  • Evening rate: $2.00 per entry (Monday to Saturday from 5.30pm to 12.30am)
  • Monday to Saturday from 9am to 5:30pm and Sunday from 10am to 5:30pm


FREE parking: Monday to Sunday from 3.30pm to 5.30pm

Parking spaces: 254 public, 7 accessible and 8 bicycle bays

Facilities: lift and accessible toilets (1 cubicle open 24/7)

Parenting facilities: Monday to Friday from 9am to 4.30pm, Saturday 9am to 3.30pm and closed Sundays

River Edge (Seaport)


  • $2.00 per hour
  • Yellow Marked Bays: $6.00 per day only (Monday to Friday)
  • Monday to Saturday from 8am to 5pm

FREE parking: Sundays

Parking spaces: 83 public bays, 1 accessible bay 

Leisure and Aquatic Centre

Memorial Hall

  • $2.00 per 3 hours
  • $4.00 per 6 hours
  • Monday to Sunday from 9am to 5pm

Leisure and Aquatic Centre

  • $1.00 per 90 minutes (90 minute limit)
  • Monday to Sunday from 9am to 5pm


For service enquiries please call 03 6323 3193

High Street off-street parking spaces

  • $2.00 per 3 hour maximum

Monday to Friday: 9am to 5pm
FREE parking: Saturday and Sunday  

York Street West

115 York Street, Launceston

  •  $2.70 per hour
  • Monday to Friday from 9am to 5.30pm; Saturday from 9am to 4pm


FREE parking: Sunday

Parking spaces: 70 public, 2 accessible and 41 private bays

Facilities: toilets


For private bay enquiries please call (03) 6323 3163

Elizabeth Street

32 Elizabeth Street, Launceston

  • $2.40 for the first hour
  • $1.20 for every half hour (or part-thereof) after that
  • $7.00 per day for early Bird parking (top level only). Available until 10.30am or until top level bays are full. Entry voucher must be validated on the ramp to top level upon entry
  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: 9am - 9pm
  • Thursday, Friday, Saturday: 9am - 10pm
  • Sunday: 10.30am - 8pm


The car park gates will be locked at:

  • Monday to Wednesday at 9pm
  • Thursday to Saturday at 10pm
  • Sundays at 8pm

FREE parking: Monday to Saturday from 3:30pm to 5:30pm 

Parking Spaces: 249 public, 3 accessible, 21 private bays


For private bays enquiries, please call 63233163

Invermay Road (Inveresk)

  • $2.50 per hour 
  • Monday to Saturday from 9am to 5.30pm

FREE parking: Sunday 

Northern Inveresk Car Park (off Forster Street, Invermay)

The Northern Inveresk Car Park is host to 850 car parks and is just a short walk from the University of Tasmania Stadium.

  • $1.00 per hour
  • $4.00 per day
  • $40 per month for Tiger Bus permits

The car park offers free parking on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays. 
This is the recommended parking location for the University of Tasmania Stadium for large events such as the AFL.

Royal Park

Home Point

  • $2.00 per hour
  • $6.00 per day
  • Monday to Saturday from 8am to 5pm

FREE parking: Sunday 

Bathurst Street

36-42 Bathurst Street, Launceston

  • $2.00 per two hours 
  • $5.00 per day 
  • Monday to Friday from 8am to 5.30pm; Saturday from 8am to 4pm

FREE parking: Sunday

Parking spaces: 250 public, 2 accessible, 25 private bays and two motorbike bays  

Cimitiere-Cameron Street

71 Cimitiere St, Launceston

  • $2.00 per hour
  • $7.00 per day 
  • Monday to Friday from 9am to 5.30pm

Public parking spaces: 49 spaces and 2 motorbike bays on the Cameron Street side of the car park.

Park Street

Park Street, Launceston

  • $1.50 per hour (three hour limit)
  • Monday to Friday from 9am to 5.30pm


FREE parking: All weekend

CH Smith

18 Charles Street

  • $2.40 for first hour
  • $1.20 for every half hour (or part thereof) after that
  • Open Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm

FREE parking: between 3.30pm to 5.30pm Monday to Friday

Home Point

Home Point Parade

  • $2.00 per hour
  • Monday to Saturday, 8am to 5pm


FREE parking: Sundays


Public Holiday Hours

Find the City of Launceston public holiday opening hours below, service interruptions here and current and upcoming works here.

For emergencies involving Council services, contact 6323 3333. 

Car Parking Facilities

The City of Launceston's open air car parks and on street meters are FREE on public holidays - including the King's Birthday public holiday.

Multi Storey car parks will operate as normal.

Find out more about parking in Launceston

Carr Villa Memorial Park

Main Office

Closed during public holidays

Monday to Friday: 8am - 4.30pm

Main Park Gates 

1 May - 30 November

Monday to Sunday including public holidays: 7.30am - 5pm 

1 December - 30 April

Monday to Sunday including public holidays: 7.30am - 7pm 

Crematorium Gates

Closed during public holidays 

Monday to Friday: 8am - 4pm


Find out more about the Carr Villa Memorial Park 

Customer Service Centre

Customer Service Centre

The Customer Service Centre located at Town Hall will be closed from 5.00pm Friday 9th June and will re-open Tuesday 13th June at 8.30am.

In case of an emergency please call 6323 3333.

Further Information

After hours dog attacks: Tasmania Police 131 444

Report an issue online here

Find more information about our Customer Service Centre including our regular opening hours on the Contact page.

Launceston Visitor Information Centre

The Launceston Visitor Information Centre will be open 10am - 2pm on the King's Birthday.

Find out more about the Launceston Visitor Information Centre

Leisure and Aquatic Centre

The Launceston Leisure & Aquatic Centre is open during the following hours: 

  • Weekdays: 6am - 8pm
  • LAfit Extended Hours (member access only): Monday to Friday 8pm to 9pm
  • Weekends and Public Holidays: 8am - 6pm (or as listed below) 

    Public Holidays 

    Good Friday: Friday, 7 April, 2023 - CLOSED

    Easter: Saturday, 8 April, 2023 - Tuesday, 11 April, 2023: 8am - 6pm

    ANZAC Day: Tuesday, 25 April, 2023: 1pm - 6pm

    King's Birthday: Monday, 12 June, 2023: 8am - 6pm

    Launceston Show Day: Thursday, 12 October, 2023: 8am - 6pm

    Recreation Day: Monday, 6 November, 2023: 8am - 6pm

Find more about the Launceston Leisure & Aquatic Centre

Free Tiger Bus

 The Free Tiger Bus is operated by Metro Tasmania on behalf of the City of Launceston.

Services operate every business day and selected weekends and public holidays.

The Free Tiger Bus will be operating as normal on the King's Birthday public holiday, Monday the 12th of June.

View the City of Launceston Free Tiger Bus page or the Metro Tasmania website

For more information contact the City of Launceston’s Customer Service Centre on 03 6323 3000.

Waste Centres

Launceston Waste and Transfer Centre, Lilydale and Nunamara will be open as usual.

Find out more about the City of Launceston's Waste Centres

Waste Services

Waste services will not be interrupted during the Kings Birthday public holiday.

Find out more on the City of Launceston's waste services

Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery (QVMAG)

The Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery (QVMAG) opening hours can be found on the QVMAG website

To keep up to date, follow the QVMAG Facebook page.

Immunisation Clinics

Visit our City of Launceston Immunisations Page to find out more about sessions locations and times.


















Parking meters

  • 1 hour meters: $3.30 per hour
  • 3 hour meters: $2.80 per hour
  • 9 hour meters: $1.30 per hour

If a meter is faulty, please report this to our Customer Service Centre. Exemptions from parking fines may apply.

Car parks

For assistance regarding City of Launceston car parks, please contact our Customer Service team on (03) 6323 3000