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Artist in Residence Program

Would you like to spend up to 12 weeks living in the heart of one of Tasmania's most beautiful natural icons?

The Launceston City Council's Artist in Residence Program gives artists the opportunity to stay at Kings Bridge Cottage and use the Cataract Gorge Reserve as inspiration for a body of work.

The Program is open to all types of artists including writers, dancers, painters and musicians. So far a range of up-and-coming and high profile artists have made the most of this rare opportunity, including New York based singer/songwriter Imogen Heap, Canadian poet Jacqueline Turner and Irish sculptor Jackie McNamee.

Preference will be given to applicants who are willing to engage with the local community through exhibitions, openings or workshops.

For further information about the Program and how to apply, please email or call the Launceston City Council on 03 6323 3610. 

The location

Kings Bridge Cottage is nestled on the edge of a 200 million year old dolerite cliff, overlooking the South Esk River. The cottage was built in the 1890s to house the gatekeeper for the Reserve.

The Cataract Gorge Reserve covers 192 hectares and is an inspiring place for tourists, artists, nature lovers and the local community. More than 500,000 people visit the iconic location each year to swim, walk, kayak, dine and relax. It has an abundance of flora and fauna, with 25 threatened flora species and seven threatened fauna species. Amazingly, the Gorge is less than one kilometre from the city centre.

Launceston is located on the beautiful Tamar River in northern Tasmania. It's the third oldest city in Australia and has retained much of its stunning architectural heritage.

Availability and length of residency

A residency at Kings Bridge Cottage is available all year round, with each season providing a vastly different experience.

Come in summer to enjoy the long mild days; in autumn to view the spectacular changes in colour as leaves begin to fall; in winter to rug up and breathe the fresh, crisp air; or spring when flowers are blossoming and new growth brings the gorge to life again.

Your length of stay can vary from one week (minimum) up to 12 weeks (maximum). 

The Kings Bridge Gorge Cottage residency is located at a site of ecological and cultural significance within one of Tasmania's most iconic locations. Sensitivity and respect towards the environment and heritage of the area is necessary.

Criteria to be addressed 
Artists are required to:
  • Live and work at the cottage;
  • Create works, ideas, notes, research etc relating to the Cottage and/or the Cataract Gorge Reserve.
  • Acknowledge the Launceston City Council's Artist in Residence Program in any media interviews or workshops organised by the artist in residence.
  • Submit a written report to the Council's Parks and Recreation Department during a residency speaking of the experience, how it affected your work, viewing, your stay, etc.
  • Acknowledge the program in exhibitions, reports, CDs, books etc completed during a residency or down the track.
  • Make their own arrangements for any show/performance/exhibition and workshops with local venues and schools, library etc.
  • Organise their own media interviews and agree to make themselves available to the Launceston City Council's Media Officer should the Program be featured during a residency.

The Launceston City Council reserves the right to promote the residency and the artist's work prior and during their stay. Installations or placement of works within the Reserve need to be negotiated with the Council's Parks and Recreation Department prior to the event. No pets or firearms are allowed. Residents only please, visitors are welcome but cannot reside at the cottage. Residents must be medically fit. The nature of the site is not suitable for babies or children. Due to the character of the topography there is no disabled access. No smoking allowed in Council owned buildings and no naked flames or candles, etc.

Residency accommodation and facilities
The city contains many heritage buildings and the Kings Bridge Gorge Cottage is within easy walking distance of the city centre with its many arts, cultural and tourist venues including Seaport, the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery, the Inveresk Cultural Precinct, restaurants, cinema, the Princess Theatre, City Park, Princes Square and the Launceston Library. 

The cottage is fully furnished and self contained (240V power supply) with a small outdoor area. It contains two small living areas, a kitchen including utensils, toilet, shower and bedroom with double bed, electric heating, TV and radio. Outside is a laundry and storage room. A wonderful veranda spans the front giving magical views of the city and the Cataract Gorge.

To find out more about Launceston and the Tamar Valley call the Council's Launceston Travel & Information Centre on 1800 651 827.

There is no fixed phone available but full mobile coverage is available in the area and you will need to organise your own internet access via a mobile wifi modem. 

Food and supplies
All food, personal products, washing powder, dish washing liquid, supplies and art materials are to be purchased by residents. The Cottage is within easy walking distance to the city centre, restaurants and pubs and approximately 20 minutes walk from the Cottage is a restaurant and kiosk located within the Cataract Gorge Reserve.

No children or pets
The residence is not suitable for children and pets or animals are not allowed.

The Cottage is serviced by a cleaner each week. All waste must be disposed of in a considerate and environmentally friendly manner. There is a wheelie bin provided that is emptied weekly.

There is no parking available onsite although nearby streets and car parks provide parking if required.  

Linen provided
One person - $249.00 per week
Per couple - $377.00 per week

For information on government grants please call:
Arts Tasmania
146 Elizabeth Street, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia 7000
T 03 6165 6665 ask for Wendy Morrow

Interested artists are invited to provide a written application to the Council's Parks and Recreation Department, providing your full contact details, demonstrating how you fulfil the required criteria and nominating your preffered dates. Applications can be sent by email to or posted to:

Artist in Residence Program
Parks and Recreation Department
Launceston City Council
PO Box 396

Previous artists' reports from their residencies: 
Unless otherwise stated, all works, images and words remain the copyright of the artist and may not be used without their permission. 

Carol Adams - June to July (2.25 MB)
Helen Appleton - April 2016 (52 KB)
Joanna Pinkiewicz - 2D Media - Summer 2015-2016 (2.92 MB)
Christobel Kelly - Nov 2015 (PDF 641 KB)
Derek L Newton - Oct to Nov 2015 (PDF 736 KB)
Ilana Mitchell - Oct 2015 (PDF 460 KB)
Sarah Carradine - Jan to Feb 2015 (PDF 43 KB) 
Barbara Pierce - Visual Artist - April 2014 (PDF 2.6 MB)
Lesley Synge - Poet - October 2014 (PDF 74 KB)
Mic Rees - Creative Digital Artist - August 2014 (PDF 1.28 MB)
Julie Maddocks - Porcelain Artist - Feb to March 2014 (PDF 355 KB)
Stephen & Susan Hobson - Qld - writing, drawing, painting - Sept-Oct 2013 (PDF 2.4MB)
Lynne Flemons - NSW - artist - Jan 2008 - Jan 2009 (PDF 451 KB)
Elizabeth Gray - QLD - photographer - Aug 2009 (PDF 564 KB)
Catherine Schoch - QLD - video artist - Nov 2009 (PDF 2.19 MB)  Diamando Koutsellis - NSW - ceramic artist - July 2009 (PDF 923 KB)
Deb Mansfield - NSW - photographer - Nov 2009 (PDF 836 KB)
Reluctant video (FLV 2.25 MB)
Charlie Sublet - VIC - photographer - Dec 2009 (PDF 72 KB)
Maggie Henton - UK - conceptual artist - Nov 2008 (PDF 1.26 MB)
Maggie Henton - UK - conceptual artist - Nov 2008 (PDF 1.26 MB)
Rowen Matthews - NSW - painter - Dec 2008 (PDF 118 KB)
Merlene Pugh - NSW - author - March 2008 (PDF 5.75 MB)
Domenica Vavala - VIC - painter - Jan 2008 (PDF 1.30 MB)
Pam Clements - VIC - conceptual video artist - May 2007 (PDF 253 KB)
Imogen Heap - ENGLAND - musician - April 2007 (PDF 27.9 KB)
Iris Zogel - conceptual artist - Sep 2007 (PDF 311 KB)
Dr Murray Johnson - historian - Dec 2007 (PDF 18.8 KB)
Susan Angwin - WA - painter - Dec 2007 (PDF 1.45 MB)
Judy Barass - QLD - bookbinder/basketmaker - Feb 2007 (PDF 486 KB)
Julie Beveridge - poet - Sep 2007 (PDF 2.02 MB)
Beverly Brown - felt artist - July 2007 (PDF 821 KB)
Di Ingram - NSW - painter - Dec 2006 (PDF 62.7 KB)
Jackie McNamee - SCOTLAND - sculptor - Nov 2006 (PDF 137 KB)
Jacqueline Turner - CANADA - poet - Oct 2006 (PDF 49.1 KB)