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 The City of Launceston has collaborated with Bank of I.D.E.A.S to deliver two Asset Based Community Driven Effort (ABCDE) Learning Sites in the suburb of Rocherlea in 2017, and Ravenswood in 2018.

From May 2019, Council is working with the Mowbray community to implement Launceston's third ABCDE Learning Site over a 12 month period.

To learn more about the ABCDE Learning Site in Ravenswood, watch our community video online here 

The Learning Sites enable a community to identify their assets, build connections and create change in the heart of the community to benefit those living within the area. The approach is about focusing on 'what's strong, not what's wrong'.

As one of the first local governments to embrace this strategy based approach, the City of Launceston has worked with local leaders within the suburbs to identify, connect and mobilise their assets in order to take action, make positive change and directly shape their own community’s future.

How it works

The Learning Site will occur over a 12 month period based on eight touchstones. The City of Launceston has employed a Community Connector for this period to guide the Mowbray community through the process.

8 Touchstones…

  • Recruiting a community connector;
  • Finding a community builder team;
  • Hosting conversations to discover assets and what people care about;
  • Engaging local groups and associations;
  • Building connections through social interaction activities and shareable community opportunities;
  • Visioning and planning by asking 3 key questions:
    1. What can we do?

    2. What do we need outside help with?
    3. What do we need outside agencies to do for us?

  • Implementing change (doing and reviewing); and
  • Foster celebration.


You're invited!

The City of Launceston is working with the Mowbray community on an Asset Based Community Driven Effort (ABCDE) Learning Site.  To kick start the launch of the Mowbray Learning Site, a free Community Workshop with Peter Kenyon will be held to discover Mowbray’s assets, allowing Mowbray residents to work together to make positive change throughout the community.


When:  Monday 22 July 2019
             9.30am cuppa for a 10am start, running through to 3pm
Where: Tasmanian Turf Club
              Main entrance off Jelico Street opposite Woolworths Carpark, Mowbray

  Refreshments and lunch provided

Let's discover more of Mowbray’s community assets, build local connections and create change in the heart of our community with a focus on 'what's strong, not what's wrong'. This year long project will have long term positive affects for the community, and we want to hear your thoughts and ideas!

Who is Peter Kenyon?

Peter Kenyon is the founder and director of Bank of I.D.E.A.S. who can simply be described as a community engagement enthusiast. Bank of I.D.E.A.S has worked with over 2,000 communities throughout Australia and overseas to build stronger, and more connected, communities.

To learn more about the ABCDE Learning Sites please visit:

Register your place in our community workshop by Wednesday 17 July by phone or email -
P: 0428 109 948

 Reach out, say hello and get involved in the Mowbray Learning Site!
Sarah McCormack
Community Connector - Mowbray Learning Site
P: 0428 109 948


Read our ABCDE Learning Site reports here:

Rocherlea ABCDE Learning Site Report(PDF, 5MB)

Ravenswood ABCDE Learning Site Report(PDF, 3MB)