ABCDE Learning Sites


ABCDE Learning Sites; focusing on 'what's strong, not what's wrong'.

The City of Launceston has collaborated with Bank of I.D.E.A.S to deliver four Asset Based Community Driven Effort (ABCDE) Learning Sites in the suburb of Rocherlea in 2017, Ravenswood in 2018, Mowbray in 2019, and Youngtown in 2020. From July 2021, Council is working with the Kings Meadows community to implement Launceston's fifth ABCDE Learning Site over a 12 month period.

The Learning Sites enable a community to identify their assets, build connections and create change in the heart of the community to benefit those living within the area. The approach is about focusing on 'what's strong, not what's wrong'. 

Learn more about the Kings Meadows Learning Site

 As one of the first local governments to embrace this strategy based approach, the City of Launceston has worked with local leaders within the suburbs to identify, connect and mobilise their assets in order to take action, make positive change and directly shape their own community’s future.

How it works

The Learning Site will occur over a 12 month period based on eight touchstones. The City of Launceston has employed a Community Connector for this period to guide the Youngtown community through the process.

8 Touchstones

  • Recruiting a community connector;
  • Finding a community builder team;
  • Hosting conversations to discover assets and what people care about;
  • Engaging local groups and associations;
  • Building connections through social interaction activities and shareable community opportunities;
  • Visioning and planning by asking 3 key questions:
    1. What can we do?

    2. What do we need outside help with?
    3. What do we need outside agencies to do for us?

  • Implementing change (doing and reviewing); and
  • Foster celebration.

Reach out, say hello and get involved in the Kings Meadows Learning Site:

Sarah McCormack, Community Connector

P: 0428 109 948



Learning Site Videos

Dear Youngtown, a letter to our community

The City of Launceston celebrated the Youngtown ABCDE learning site with this short film made by the fabulous students of Youngtown Primary School and Kings Meadows High School. In 3 days we trained up 3 film crews, made up of 20 students interviewing 18 talents.

Dear Mowbray

As part of the Mowbray Learning Site, the following 'Dear Mowbray' short film was created. Evi van der Niet and David Adams from Action Crew visited Mowbray in October and mentored Mowbray Heights Primary School grade 5 students over three full days in how to make a film. Pop up crews learnt the roles of camera, sound and lighting operators and the interviewer role and told us it was one of the best days they had experienced.

The Ravenswood Reporters

As filmmakers we believe in the power of stories. We need stories like we need sunshine. They weave our lives together. They turn away our fears. We interviewed incredible people. Their stories all tell how Ravenswood has the heart, guts & courage to turn its potential into reality.

Community and Event Grants

Each year the City of Launceston offers a wide range of Community Grant and Event Funding opportunities to support events and community initiatives across the City. Learn more about available Community Grant Funding and Event Funding opportunities offered by City of Launceston.