Launceston City Council 2016

As well as publishing meeting information in this section, details of meetings are provided in The Examiner Newspaper on Saturdays under the Council Business heading in the Local Government segment. 

See above sections for the dates, times and places of meetings.

Agendas and Minutes are available here.

You can also listen to live audio streaming of Council Meetings. Click here for information.

Ordinary Council Meetings 

In 2018, ordinary Council Meetings will start at 1pm in the Council Chambers at Town Hall on: 

January 22
February 5, 19
March 5, 19
April 9, 23
May 7, 21
June 4, 18
July 2, 16, 30
August 13, 27
September 10, 24
October 8, 22
November 8, 15 (tentative), 22
December 6, 20

Meeting dates for November 2018 were amended by Council on 13 August 2018 to accommodate the 2018 Local Government Elections. 

Council_Meeting_Schedule_2018.pdf(PDF, 409KB)

Meeting Agenda and Minutes

Listen live to meetings

Reg 7 LG Meeting Procedures
(4)  If there is any change in the time or place of an ordinary council meeting, or a council committee meeting, as published under subregulations (2) and (3) , the general manager is to –
(a) publish a notice of the change in a daily newspaper, or in a prescribed newspaper, circulating in the relevant municipal area; and
(b) ensure that the notice of the times and places for such meetings published on the website of the council is accordingly up-dated; and
(c) ensure that the notice of the times and places for such meetings that is made available to the public, at the public office of the council, also is accordingly up-dated.

 Participating in Council meetings
Your attendance and participation at open Council Meetings is welcomed. 

Public Question Time
At each Council Meeting, you are invited to ask questions of the Council.

You may ask up to three questions, by writing them down on a pad that is located outside the entrance to the Council Chamber. 

As chairperson of the meeting, the Mayor can decide whether or not to accept the question/s. Question/s may be answered on the day or taken on notice and answered within 10 working days of the meeting.

Notice of Intention to Speak
You may speak at a Council Meeting for a maximum of two minutes, on any matter in the Council Meeting agenda.

Please register your intention to speak before the Council Meeting starts. A form is available outside the entrance to the Council Chamber - write your name against the agenda item to which you wish to speak.

Community Reports
In order for us to better understand the activities of community groups, 15 minutes is set aside in each Council Meeting for Community Reports.

Community groups have up to three minutes for verbal reports to be provided on their activities.

This reporting allows community groups to detail their activities within the Launceston municipality. It is not intended to form part of a funding application or requests for assistance that are managed through other processes.

Please contact us if your community group is interested in talking to Council. 

An individual or small group of people may want to deliver a presentation on behalf of a larger group or organisation at an ordinary Council Meeting. If so, please contact us to discuss a deputation.

Annual General Meeting

The 2018 Annual General Meeting  (AGM) will be held on Thursday, 6 December 2018 at 5.30pm in the Council Chambers, Town Hall.

Participate in the Annual General Meeting
Your attendance and participation at the AGM is welcomed. The AGM is a formal event during which matters of the Council, the annual report, questions from the public, and notices of motion are considered. 

Information about the AGM, and how you can participate, is published here and in The Examiner Newspaper within 14 days of the meeting date. 

Agendas and Minutes