City of Launceston has one Council Committee convened under section 23 of the Local Government Act 1993 (Tas) (the Act). This is the General Manager's Contract & Performance Review Committee. This committee is made up of and chaired by your Councillors.

A second Council Committee has been convened to for a Hearing in Relation to a Petition to Amend Sealed Plan Numbers 16325 and 19533 - 304 and 308 Penquite Road, Norwood. This committee is made of Councillors Cox, Spencer, Daking, Harris and Preece.

Notice of a Council Committee Meeting

The Committee established to conduct a hearing in relation to a petition to amend sealed plan numbers 16325 and 19533 - 304 and 308 Penquite Road, Norwood will meet at 5pm on Thursday 9 June 2022 in the Council Chambers, Town Hall, St John Street, Launceston.

The Committee is meeting to resolve a procedural matter around the decision noted at item 6 of the minutes of the hearing that was held on 21 April 2022. The Committee will not be considering any new evidence.


We also have many Special Committees convened under section 24 of the Act. An example of a section 24 committee is the Audit Panel, which is made up of Councillors and of people who are independent of Council. The charter for the Audit Panel is available here(PDF, 88KB).

Your Councillors also sit by invitation on many committees that are external to Council.

Full details of Council Committees, Special Committees and external committee membership is available here: Committee Representation Details(PDF, 42KB) . You can also visit each Councillor's profile for a list of the committees on which they sit.