Frequently Asked Questions

Carr Villa burial ground

Explore our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below.

General FAQs

How can I find out the details of family members who has been buried or had their ashes placed at Carr Villa?

Carr Villa Memorial Park opened with its first burial in 1905. You can search our online burial records hereto find the location of your loved ones.

Can I send flowers to be placed on a grave or ash placement?

Yes. Florists will deliver to Carr Villa Memorial Park Office, where our Client Services Team can place the flowers on your loved ones resting place. Please ensure the florist is provided the full name of your loved one, and your contact number.

Do burials go ahead in bad weather?

Yes, burials will go ahead in all weather conditions, however, if the conditions become extreme, and the safety of guests is at risk from fallen trees or lighting strikes, our team will work closely with funeral homes to ensure a burial can take place safely.

Who are responsible for maintaining the grounds and graves at Carr Villa?

The City of Launceston is responsible for maintaining the grounds and gardens at Carr Villa, via a dedicated team of horticulturists. The memorials/headstones on graves and ash placement areas are the responsibility of each individual family.

Can I undertake leisure activities within the cemetery?

Yes. Cemeteries are public spaces and we encourage you to visit. We ask that you are aware of your surroundings, and are respectful near funerals, other staff, and our staff.

Can I walk my dog within the cemetery?

Yes. As Carr Villa is a public space, you must ensure your dog is on a lead at all times. You must also clean up after your dog, with dog bags located at the main gates at Nunamina Avenue.

Burial FAQs

How many people can be buried in a grave?

A grave at Carr Villa can accommodate a single burial or two burials. A grave will also accommodate up to at least three sets of ashes.

Can I be buried with my family?

We encourage planning ahead for loved ones to be positioned together in the future. However, with certain permissions, it may be possible to be laid to rest with your family.

Please contact our friendly client services team for advice.

What can be pre-purchased?

Graves, and ash placement locations can be pre-purchased. Our friendly Client Services Team is available to discuss your options. Please contact them for assistance.

When I purchase a grave, is it mine forever?

Currently at Carr Villa when an 'Exclusive Right of Burial' is purchased, (either via prepurchase/or at time of need) the grave location is granted in perpetuity, meaning forever.

How will my family know if I have a pre-arranged burial ground or an ash placement location?

Following a pre-purchase (reservation), we recommend talking to your family about what you have organised and placing relevant forms with your other important documentation, e.g. with family or the Executor of your Estate.

At the time of need, your family can discuss with your funeral director your pre-paid location, who will then liaise with our team.

Who erects the monument for a Monumental Cemetery grave?

A monumental stonemason is required to great the monumental work for a grave on behalf of the family. It is the responsibility of each family to coordinate the monumental work, and also any ongoing maintenance for the site.

Please contact our Client Services team and they can provide a list of monumental masons.

How do I coordinate a plaque in the Lawn Cemetery?

Our Client Service Team provide personalised, face-to-face appointments to individuals and families to design and personalise a bronze plaque for your loved one.

Please reach out to our team to coordinate a plaque that will provide a meaningful and lasting tribute to their departed loved one.

My loved one has been buried in the Limited Monumental Cemetery, how do I coordinate a headstone for their grave?

A monumental stonemason is required to great a monumental headstone for this area. It is the responsibility of each family to coordinate the monumental work, noting this area has clear guidelines in relation to the size of each headstone.

Please contact our Client Services Team and they can provide a list of monumental masons, as well as details on size requirements.

Can I purchase a plaque from another business and have it installed?

Yes you can, however, to avoid the costs associated with installing a plaque from another business, we encourage you to utilise the services of our team, as installation costs are included in your plaque purchase.

My loved one is in the Lawn Cemetery, what tributes can I place on the grave?

We understand that placing of tributes can be an important part of the grieving and healing process.

We discourage the use of glass, porcelain, terracotta, and ceramic objects, as when broken they pose a risk to visitors, wildlife, and our team who maintain the site daily.

Your tributes need to be kept within the confines of your loved ones grave, and placed on the concrete beam. Any items placed within the lawn, or the lawn edge of the beam, e.g. solar lights, may be removed to support safe maintenance of the site.

The grave of my loved one in the Lawn Cemetery is sinking, what should I do?

As the soil settles after a burial, it's common for a grave to sink over time, which is a natural occurrence.

Our grounds staff regularly conduct maintenance, including topping up and dressing graves as needed, to address any settling. Please reach out to our team if you have any concerns.

The concrete layer on my loved ones grave has cracked and collapsed, is this normal?

The site of a collapsed monumental grave certainly can be distressing for families and visitors to the site, however, please be assured that underneath the cracking is a significant layer of soil.

When monumental work is constructed over a grave and sufficient time has not been allowed for the soil to settle, these slabs can crack over time, and collapse within the grave. If you experience this on a loved ones grave, reach out to a stone mason who can provide assistance.

Our team will step in and provide assistance in locations that pose a safety risk to visitors.

Cremation FAQs

Why do people choose cremation?

There is no single reason why people choose cremation. It is a very personal choice and can be a reflection of philosophical, religious or cultural beliefs or based on other preferences including conservation and land usage.

Is more than one person cremated at the same time?

No. Only one person is cremated at a time.

Do I need a coffin/casket for cremation at your crematorium?

Yes, to meet the requirements of the Cemetery and Cremation Act, the deceased is required to be transferred to our crematorium in a suitable receptacle. Please speak with your funeral director to discuss your specific needs.

How long does a cremation take?

This can depend on multiple factors, however, on average, the cremation can take 90 minutes to 2 hours.

What happens to the cremated remains after a cremation?

After cremation, the cremated remains are sealed and placed in a container with an identifying label. The crematorium securely stores the ashes until they are collected by the chosen funeral director or transferred to our main office for safe keeping until the Authorising Person (the person who signed the paperwork for cremation) collects, or they are placed within an ash placement garden or wall.

Do I have to use a funeral director for cremation, or can the deceased be delivered directly to the Carr Villa Crematorium?

The Carr Villa Crematorium provides cremation services only to regulated funeral homes throughout Tasmania. If you would like to be cremated at the Carr Villa Crematorium you can request this service via your funeral home when arranging a funeral service.

Do Carr Villa accept pets for cremation?

No. The Carr Villa Crematorium is only able to undertake human cremations.

Due to our cultural beliefs, can we watch the commencement of the cremation process?

Yes. The Carr Villa Memorial Park team is able to support this request. Our crematorium area has been installed with specially designed glass doors that allows families to view the insertion process in a safe and respectful environment.

Can I pre-purchase a location for my ashes to be placed after I die?

Yes, an ash placement location can be pre-purchased ready for your ashes to be placed when that time comes. Following a pre-purchase (reservation), we recommend talking to your family about what you have organised and placing relevant forms with your other important documentation, e.g. with family or the Executor of your Estate.

How do I organise for my loved ones ashes to be placed at Carr Villa?

Our Client Service Team provide personalised, face-to-face appointments to individuals and families to find a suitable location for your loved ones ashes.

Our team will take you on a tour of our locations to find an area that meets your individual needs. Please contact the team today to make an appointment.

Can I organise a plaque at the same time as coordinating a location for my loved ones ashes?

Yes. Our team will help you to design and personalise a bronze plaque as a marker to your loved ones location.

I live interstate, and can't meet face-to-face, how can I organise an ash placement and plaque?

Our friendly Client Services Team can work with you via phone and/or email to find a suitable location and personalise a plaque for your loved one.

My loved ones ashes have been scattered, but I wish to place a plaque at Carr Villa to remember them, can I organise this?

Yes. Our Clients Services team will show you locations available and can work with you to coordinate a personalised plaque to suit your needs.

Please contact the Client Services Team on 03 6323 3600 or email for all enquiries.