Holding an Event in the Northern Suburbs

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Events play a vital role in creating communities that are engaged, vibrant and have a strong sense of pride and community connectivity.

The City of Launceston is committed to enabling successful, stimulating and socially and economically beneficial events around Launceston - including within Launceston's Northern Suburbs.

There are a lot of resources available to support event planning, and sponsorship is also available. If you would to hold an event, you can access resources here.

If you have an event that you wish to hold in Launceston's Northern Suburbs, and would like to better understand potential venues, the links below will provide you with a list of potential sites managed by the City of Launceston.

You can also speak with UTAS to see if they have an available venue.

Our Events Facilitation Team can provide guidance and information relating to the organisation of a public event, celebration or function and assist you in ensuring your event is as successful as it can be. You can contact the Events Facilitation Team at events.enquiries@launceston.tas.gov.au  or via 6323 3380.