2019 - 2020 Plan Actions

My Place  My Future - Cvity of Launceston - 2019 Image 8.png

The My Place My Future Plan (the Plan) is an ambitious document that outlines a roadmap of strategies for the ongoing revitalisation of Launceston's Northern Suburbs. The implementation of the Plan will be ongoing, and is supported by a commitment to undertake a shared annual review of programs and services being delivered in Launceston's Northern Suburbs.

With such a vast array of strategies included in the Plan, and with implementation an ongoing process, it is important that a strong foundation is put in place to support ongoing works. The first year of implementation (2019 - 2020) will focus on establishing such a foundation.

Goals for 2019 - 2020

  • Establish a strong foundation for the MPMF Plan that will support ongoing implementation.
  • Investigate and establish a Northern Suburbs Knowledge Bank (6.1).
  • Investigate and establish structures, processes and tools for transparency, reporting and communication.
  • Identify and rectify any gaps relating to a Northern Suburbs Grant Writing Toolkit.
  • Identify and rectify any gaps relating to a Northern Suburbs Event Toolkit.
  • Finalise the Implementation Management Plan with State Government.
  • Identify all strategic documents and additional plans listed in the Plan, and develop a plan for their development.
  • Map all existing services, programs and initiatives that currently address the strategies listed in the Plan.
  • Work with State Government to release Needs Analysis V2.
  • Establish processes and tools to support strong advocacy of initiatives that will enable the strategies and goals outlined in the Plan.
  • Identify, develop and implement mechanisms and tools required to support effective advocacy.
  • Actively advocate for agreed initiatives. 
  • Continue to promote the Plan within the community, including the development and implementation of City of Launceston led initiatives.
  • Appropriately allocate resources to undertake specific projects or initiatives in response to identified needs or opportunities.
  • Support City of Launceston staff to actively progress The North Launceston Community Recreation Hub.