Pay a parking infringement

Below are options as to how to pay a parking infringement. 

If you require further time to pay, you can apply for a payment agreement whereby the fine is paid in instalments. Please complete an application to enter a parking payment plan form(PDF, 63KB) and return to our Customer Service Centre

1. Online: Payments, Fees and Charges

2. Post Billpay: call 13 18 16 or see Post Billpay and quote the Billpay code and reference number printed on the front of the ticket. Payment must be made within 38 days of issue or this service will be unavailable.

3. Customer Service Centre: Town Hall, 18-28 St John Street Launceston

4. Australia Post: Any Australia Post shop

Unpaid fines

Parking fines must be paid by the due date noted on the ticket or they may incur further costs or actions.

Unpaid fines are enforced by the Monetary Penalty Enforcement Service under the Monetary Penalties Enforcement Act 2005

For more information on parking fines, click here(PDF, 75KB)

Contest a parking fine

If you want to contest a parking fine, you can either apply to have it withdrawn or elect to have the matter heard in court.

Apply to have fine withdrawn form

Please complete this form(PDF, 58KB) and return it to our Customer Service Centre.

The fine will be placed on hold while the General Manager reviews each case. 

Court Hearing

Please complete the following form and return to our Customer Service Centre:

Notice of Election for a Court Hearing(PDF, 250KB)