Lawn and Monumental Cemeteries

Crematorium Chapel Main Entrance at Carr Villa


Memorial plaque arrangements are by appointment only which enables us to privately meet family or friends to discuss their wishes. 

Please note plaques take approximately four to six weeks to arrive from the date ordered, and can only be ordered once full payment has been received. 

Only funeral directors, the applicant for cremation, the Trustee or a person with written authority from any of these persons mentioned will be permitted to collect or make arrangements for the placement of a plaque.

Below is information about Carr Villa's lawn and monumental cemeteries. See the maps of Carr Villa for more details. 

Lawn Plaques

In a peaceful park setting, bronze plaques are placed on a concrete beam with a vase supplied at request.


This traditional-style grave site requires full monumental work, which is erected by masons. Please note maintenance of the site is the responsibility of the family.

Limited Monumental

This area of Carr Villa is a lawn cemetery with monuments of a limited size erected on to a concrete beam at the head of the grave. Monuments are erected by masons. 



This area is set apart from the main lawn cemetery and specially designed for children and infants. Burial is within a lawn setting with octagonal beams providing the choice of either a bronze plaque or headstone.

Woodlawn Memorial

Memorial rock features have been designed for families to place a plaque in memory of a child or infant when burial or cremation has taken place elsewhere.