Memorials and Placement of Ashes

Carr Villa

Memorialisation and pre-purchase arrangements are by appointment only, which allows us to meet privately with friends or family to discuss their wishes. Only funeral directors, the applicant for cremation, the Trustee or a person with written authority from any of these persons mentioned will be permitted to collect or make arrangements for the placement of cremated remains and plaques. 

Please note placements and reservations cannot be finalised, or plaques ordered, until payment has been received in full. 

Below is information about Carr Villa's sites for memorials and placement of ashes. See the maps of Carr Villa for more detail. 


An accessible area, Claygrove has rock-walled gardens and paved pathways plus flowering deciduous trees, camellias and carpet roses.

Niche $970

Filled with native plants, Kooyong allows special feature placements in addition to memorial plaques and garden placements.

Garden Placement $970
Special Feature $970

Pool of Eternal Memories
A peaceful water feature, the Pool of Eternal Memories is surrounded by azaleas and conifers.

Placement $970

Barakee Waters
A quiet garden setting with a meandering stream flowing through three pools. Placements edge the rock-walled gardens with provision for single or double depth niches. Plaques are available for single niches or double to cover two placements.

Single placement $1,310
Second placement $970 each
Cremorial Panel per niche $1,310

Rose Gardens
Carr Villa has more than 5,000 roses which add to our beautiful gardens. Choose from a selection of roses, under which placements sit with a plaque. 

Rose Garden Section A.

  • First Placement $1,310
  • Second and Third Placement $595 each

Rose Garden Section B. 

  • First Placement $970
  • Second and Third Placement $475 each

Northern Wall
Niche wall placements with many ex-servicemen placed here allowing their spouse to be placed alongside.

Main Bay per single niche $575
Pergola Pillar per single niche $770
Ex-servicemen (DVA criteria required) $450


Placement into Family Graves
Please contact us for details and costs associated with family graves.