Advocacy Projects

These projects are strategically important for the City's future, and Council will advocate strongly for its implementation by others. 

Midland Highway/Kings Meadows Connector Interchange

The City of Launceston are advocating for the State Government to develop both short and long-term solutions to improve traffic flow and safety at the Midland Highway/Kings Meadows Connector Interchange.

The connector interchange involves a slip lane from the Midland Highway connecting to a roundabout on the Kings Meadows Link. The existing roundabout is unable to cope with traffic demands during peak periods and is resulting in off-ramp queues extending onto the Midland Highway lanes creating long delays and safety issues.

This is a high-speed highway carrying significant traffic and stationary queues at this location presents a situation where there is a high likelihood of a serious injury or fatality occurring.

Reducing freight in the CBD

The City of Launceston fully supports the project to reduce freight movements through the Central Business District (CBD) as a priority initiative aimed at optimising Launceston's transport network and enhancing urban liveability. Recognising the significant impact of heavy industrial transport on traffic congestion and quality of life in the CBD, the Council is committed to collaborating with stakeholders to facilitate the relocation of major transport hubs.

The Council acknowledges the importance of partnerships and collaboration to advance the project stages and is actively seeking support from various stakeholders, including government agencies, private investors, and community organisations.