My Place My Future

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What is the My Place My Future Plan?

The My Place My Future Plan will provide an integrated approach to the revitalisation of Launceston's Northern Suburbs, with the aim of supporting improved lifestyle, social and economic outcomes.

The revitalisation of Launceston's Northern Suburbs is a commitment in the Launceston City Deal to support renewed economic and jobs growth in these suburbs. This is an agreement between Federal, State and Local governments that outlines a number of actions and commitments. The City of Launceston will deliver the plan which will align with the objectives of the broader Regional Economic Development Strategy detailed in the Greater Launceston Plan.

The My Place My Future Plan is the beginning of a journey towards getting everyone to work together to develop and implement solutions in the future. The My Place My Future Plan will focus on Invermay, Mowbray, Newnham, Mayfield, Rocherlea, Waverley and Ravenswood. These suburbs make up one-third of the Launceston population.

The plan presents six areas of action (Strategic Action Areas); these are:

  1. Enterprise growth;
  2. Employment and wage growth;
  3. Celebration of community strengths;
  4. Liveability;
  5. Strengthening the next generations; and
  6. Access.


Please direct any queries that you have to A member of the Project Team will respond to you as soon as able. 


 Download key information for the My Place My Future plan below: