Planning in the Pub session set for St Leonards

Published on 08 March 2018


The City of Launceston is inviting residents of St Leonards to the pub for a planning session on Tuesday, March 13.

The Council will this week release a discussion paper on its St Leonards Village Plan, a document designed to guide the strategic development of St Leonards in coming decades.

The plan aims to capture the community's vision for the sustainable development of the St Leonards and Waverley areas over the next 30 years.

The Council is now asking St Leonards residents have their say on the discussion paper at, or to attend the Planning in the Pub session at the St Leonards Village Inn next Tuesday.

Launceston Mayor Albert van Zetten said it was important to plan for the way suburbs develop over time.

"Planning can be a bit of a dry subject, but taking it to the pub really allows people an opportunity to engage with a subject they might not ordinarily get involved in," Mayor van Zetten said.

"It's a formula we followed when we set out on creating a strategic vision for St Leonards, and it worked really well so we're excited to be doing it again.

"Plans like this are very important.

"Unplanned growth can lead to problems such as loss of local character, traffic congestion, non-connecting footpaths, insufficient recreational opportunities, and constraints to the expansion of commercial infrastructure and community services.

"But planning for growth allows us to make provision for the future needs of residents. So that includes things like housing options, community services, shops and facilities, interconnected roads, quality streetscapes, and walking and cycling infrastructure."

Residents who would like to have their say on the discussion paper can visit Your Voice Your Launceston at or attend the Planning in the Pub session at the St Leonards Village Inn on Tuesday March 13, from 5.30pm.