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Weddings in Launceston's parks

Wedding ceremonies may be held in any of Launceston's public parks, with no fee charged, under the following conditions:
· No setting up of furniture or structures
· No special vehicle access is allowed
· No confetti or rice as it affects the wildlife

Possible Venues

Parks where you may wish to hold your wedding include City Park, Punchbowl, Royal Park, Princes Square, First Basin, and Cataract Gorge Cliff Grounds.
Should your chosen venue be the Cliff Grounds, please do keep in mind that the terrain may be difficult for the elderly or disabled in your wedding party and there is no vehicle access past the public car park. 

To notify Council of your intent to hold your wedding in a park you can email with the following information:

· Your name
· Your choice of park and nominated location within the park
· Date and time (start and finish)
· Approximate number of people attending; and
· Your contact details (email and phone number)
or call (03) 6323 3000 with the information.
Once we have been notified a notation is made in the calendar as a community service. This is not to be seen as a booking and nominating your ceremony does not mean the park area is for your own exclusive use.
Major events, park developments or maintenance activities may require your wedding to be relocated or rescheduled. The closer to your wedding date you are able to register in the park, the less likely other activities are to impact on your special day.

Please note, not everyone telephones the City of Launceston, and more than one wedding in a public park may occur.